korean restaurant abu dhabi food bulgogi, an array of Korean and Korean-American dishes served without the fried, fried meat products. It's the type of Korean restaurant that makes the world a little more welcoming at a restaurant like this. This post will give you a good sense of what the different flavors (gae bae and pho boo) means about bbq and where they come from. We tried all the items at this special Korean BBQ Abu Dhabi chain, but some of the recipes were very good (the dumplings, the julienned rice, the pork buns, the baklava bread, the buns with sauce.) You know who can tell the difference? A fan of Korean barbecue. There are about 40 different Korean food options at each of these two bbq chains. At Bbbq, every single item is delicious together, and in so doing, gives visitors a new way of eating. To find out more about the various flavors in Korean food, visit our Korean Food Listings page. Our bbq staff is an amazing crew of people who truly understand what Korean cuisines look like and what is really great about this country. What's your favorite Korean food combo? Do you have the love for Korean food you can't even find anywhere else? Have you been traveling, or are you looking forward to going there?